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Webster dictionary defines a pit as a hole, shaft, or cavity in the ground. An area often sunken or depressed below the adjacent floor area. A place or situation of futility, misery, or degradation.

Merriam Webster definition - something that is very bad or unpleasant.

"Get Out of That Pit". I am not sure if you have been thrown into a pit, slipped and fell into a pit, pushed in a pit, or jumped in head first; One thing I do know, that any Pit Experience is a bad experience. If you have never experienced life in a pit - keep living, you will. Just in case you are not sure how it feels to be in pit - if you are feeling stuck - you may be in a Pit. We all remember the story of Joseph - who was thrown in a pit. Jeremiah - thrown into a pit and let us not forget Job who had a Pit experience.

Thrown into a pit - bad news from the doctor, hurt on the job, you may have lost your job, divorce or sudden death - thrown into a pit.

We can all slip in. You know when you ask yourself "how did I get here?". How did this happen to me - blindsided. You weren't paying attention. This wasn't supposed to happen this way - things just got out of hand. Maybe you over extended yourself or perhaps you just wanted to be in a relationship.

Some of us just jump in. We dive head first and don't think about the result. We go all in - we don't blink - we just go! You know you were so angry with that person that you were going to get them back no matter what. You just wanted revenge. You just had to have it; better yet - you had to have him/her - it didn't matter that they were married. You wanted it and you got it and know you find yourself in a dark place, miserable, depressed and wondering how will you get out.

I have good news. I mentioned many ways that we may find ourselves in a pit experience and I want to take some time to thank God for The Pulpit. We can all get out. God will reach down with arms stretched long and wide and pull us out. It's in the pulpit that God teaches us of His wonderful awesome power, His great and everlasting love. It's from the pulpit that we hear of His Good News; we learn about His mercy and His grace. The next time you find yourself in a pit or having a pit experience - I urge you cry out to God, confess your sins to Him. Like David in Psalm 40:2 - "God will lift you out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire and set your feet on a rock and give you a firm place to stand." And it gets even better than that - God will put a new song in your mouth, a hymn of praise to our God.

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