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God Smiles!

Psalm 67 verse 1 - God be merciful unto us, and bless us; And cause His face to shine upon us; adapted from the High Priestly prayer in

Numbers 6:24-26.

A call for God to Smile on His people. This is a psalm of praise to God for all His blessings, as well as a prayer to God that His blessings will flow out, especially His salvation. The glory of God was an important part of Israel's heritage (Romans 9:1-5). To have the light of God's countenance smile upon them was the height of Israel's blessings.

I truly want God to smile upon me and I pray the same for you. God smiles on His people when we do the following (which are acts of worship):

1. When we Obey Him Wholeheartedly

2. When we Love Him Supremely

3. When we Trust Him Completely

4. When we Praise Him Continually

5. When we Thank Him Continually

6. When we Pray

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