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Nothing Too Hard for God

This morning during my quiet time - I went back to some of the music that I listened to years ago and I came across Jeff Majors "Somebody Bigger". What a wonderful melody and not just that but; it is also a

wonderful reminder of the Greatness of God and His Goodness towards us. He is the Creator of The Heavens and The Earth, The Moon, Stars and Sun - He created us in His own Image. He loves us So - that He gave His Only Begotten Son that we might live. Hallelujah and Amen. I am so grateful. Today if you find yourself in a place of despair - wondering how things are going to work out for you or if not for you someone in your family - maybe a coworkers, neighbor or friend. I want you to know that There Is Nothing Too Hard for God. He can do the impossible (or what is impossible for you and I). If you don't want to take my word for it - let's look at His stats - just a few. He held the Sun in place so Joshua could finish an important battle. He moved the Sun back as a sign to King Hezekiah. He opened the Red Sea and Jordan River for Israel. He "turned off" the rain for Elijah and then "turned it on". He calmed the wind and waves for the disciples. He raised Lazarus from the dead. He healed the woman with the issue of blood. Freed Daniel from the Lions Den and fed Thousands. Nothing Is TOO Hard For God. Just take a trip back down memory lane and think about the times He has made a way out of no way for you. There is Nothing Too Hard For God. All you have to do is have faith and believe.

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