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We live in a time where most of us want it all. We believe that we should have it all; the finest things in life. We spend so much time in trying to get those things. The finest homes, cars and the best wardrobe that money can buy.

We bury ourselves under debt searching and wanting things that will not last. Hoping to be satisfied; most times wanting more and more – never getting enough.

I am reminded of many rich and famous – who on the outside – it looked like they had it ALL. But – if you really knew the true person – they were still missing something. They were not happy no matter how much money could buy. Many of them searched and searched for satisfaction and found themselves in many bad places.

The Book of Ecclesiastes teaches us something different. In this book we find the word “vanity” thirty-eight times.

This word means – “emptiness, futility, vapor – that which vanishes quickly and leaves nothing behind – something that is temporary – hard to grasp or capture.

I would like for you to understand that I am not stating that there is something wrong with having nice things nor wanting them; I would hope that while doing your best to get those things that are temporal – that you will understand that when we are trying to obtain these things without God – we can wind up empty handed and still looking for SATISFACTION.

Have you ever redecorated? If so, I know the feeling. When you have completed that task - at that moment you are satisfied with the results. However, as soon as you see something else - that you think is nice, better of different – you begin the decorating process all over again – and if you don’t start the process all over again – you are wishing that you had the means to do so.

Solomon drifted away from God during his lifetime pursuing different ways to achieve satisfaction. After many years of searching he remembered the true source of satisfaction (peace) – a proper relationship with God. The Book of Ecclesiastes teaches us that satisfaction can be found only by fearing God and keeping His commandments (12:13).

Solomon realized that there was no lasting satisfaction in possessions, pleasures, power or prestige. He had everything, yet his life was empty.

Ecclesiastes teaches us that – no matter how much wealth, education or social prestige we may have – life without God is EMPTY.

I am not sure what you may be looking for or even hoping to obtain in this life – I only pray that God is at the top of the list. That having a true intimate relationship with Him is more important than wealth and fame. That you are not working yourself to the bone for those things that will not mean much in the end.


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