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Time Out!

What is a "timeout"? A time out is a brief break, taking a rest from ones usual work or study - taking a pause (a pause in your actions). In many sports a team will call for a timeout - taking a break in play to rest and to talk to the coach. We have all given our children a few timeouts and have had a few ourselves. We give our children a timeout in hopes that they will calm down and maybe even have time to ponder/reflect the actions that put them on a timeout in the first place and to take a break from the situation. In relationships we should understand the importance of taking a timeout. A timeout is needed when we cannot see "eye to eye". A timeout is needed when the conversation is getting heated and the two of us may need to take time chill out or to calm down. When the two cannot come to terms when making a decision and the you cannot seem to agree - its better to take a timeout. There are many benefits in taking a timeout. When taking a timeout it allows you to be more productive in addressing the situation and gives you a better understanding after you have time to reflect. If the conversation is making you feel heavy with uncertainties - after walking away for from the situation - the negative feelings of it all begin to lift and it will allow you to get a better and clearer perspective - a sense of clarity. If you are feeling angry - a timeout will give you time to think before you speak - you will be able to calm down and will be able to articulate what you want to really say to the other person. It will also give you quiet time which allow the Holy Spirit to speak and one of the greatest benefits in taking a timeout is PRAYER. Remember - just as the team takes timeout to speak to the coaches - we need timeout to speak and hear from God because we are team!

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